Jewellery Making Kit Anklets (Pliers incl.)

You can order a jewellery making kit to make some lovely pieces of jewellery yourself at home, to give as a present or you can order more and host your own jewellery making party or workshop. The kit makes 3 bespoke anklets.


This kit includes 1 pair of flatnose pliers (travel size). You need this to secure the silver plated clasps and jumprings.


Please note that the light blue and beige coloured beads are slightly smaller (which might be a bit tricky to thread for the younger ones).


If you want to mix and match colours please email me with your requests.


Tip: If you are hosting a party you could get a few kits with the pliers and a few without and share the tools

Jewellery Making Kit Anklets (Pliers incl.)

    • Instructions (with images)
    • One pair of flat nose pliers (travel size)
    • 3 silver plated clasps and jumprings
    • 8 crimp beads to secure the ends
    • Enough tigertail wire to make 3 anklets
    • 5 pots of quality beads (not plastic)
    • Pretty organza bag to put your pieces of jewellery in

    Please note: you need a pair of flat nose pliers to secure the clasp