90 min. jewellery making party for children aged 6+

£180 (8 children included)

£15 per extra child

Longer party options available- see below


Make a lovely, bright and colourful three band beaded bangle

Your own unique piece of jewellery!


I ncluded in your jewellery making party:


  • Qualified jewellery leader with more than 10 years experience

  • Full insurance

  • Party invitations (by post)

  • All materials and use of specialist tools

  • Three band wrap about bangle each (option for boys to make

      a key-ring or bookmark)

  • Gift bag with sweets to take your jewellery home in and keep it safe

  • Handmade gift (silver plated/ bead necklace) for the birthday child

  • Sweets


Techniques you will learn:


  • Design. Learn how to design your piece of jewellery (colour, composition and size of beads)

  • Stringing of beads and attaching of some charms and ribbons

  • Working with tools (with help of your jewellery party leader)

It is recommended to have a 5/10 min drink and snack break halfway the party especially for the 6 to 9 year old children




Longer party options:


Jewellery and Dancing Party - for children aged 6+

Includes jewellery making, pass the parcel- sweets and gift- and

dancing games (musical statues, bumps, dance routine, etc.)

2 hrs - £210 (8 children included/ £15 per extra child)


Two designs Jewellery Party - for children aged 10+

Make a bracelet + another item 

2 hrs - £210 (8 children included/ £15 per extra child)

It is recommended to have a 10/ 15 min drink and food (or snack) break halfway the party especially for the 6 to 9 year old children
Bold and Beautiful Bracelets party option