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Since 2022 I expanded my business to include corporate events and festivals. Jewellery making/ beading is such a fun, and at the same time relaxing activity, that a drop in beading station works very well for all sorts of occasions for both females and males.

Sephora - In house event organiser 2024

As part of a campaign clients could make a friendship bracelet after any purchase. Some people were buying so that they could make a bracelet! I did the pop- up workshop on two locations.

Mean Girls film Premiere - Malibu/Pernod Ricard UK  - 2024

Cocktail and jewellery making 'drop -ins', well why not? Ps we weren't running the cocktail making but we did have super cute cocktail charms for the friendship braceletsGoogle review:

Essie (luxury nail polish brand) - Fairholme studio - 2023

As part of their 'Summer send off' festival we did a drop in jewellery making workshop; friendship bracelets, phone charms and glasses chains.

Meta (Instagram/ Facebook) - Dazzle & Fizz - 2023

We did a drop in friendship bracelet making workshop as part of their Meta Summer Fest. Both females &males focused so hard in making unique designs!

Garnier - Dazzle & Fizz - 2023

We ran a drop in jewellery making workshop for 30 gorgeous young ladies as part of a lovely Garnier - The Girls Bathroom (bloggers) collaboration

John Lewis - In house Event organiser 2022

During 'My John Lewis Members Week', I ran a jewellery making workshop for everyone to join in. It was so nice to see the parents and their children being creative together.

Nike Town - This is XYZ - 2022

We ran a bracelets and phone charms making workshop at the Oxford Circus Nike store as part of a pre- Euro Cup event. The whole of England women's national football team & managers enthusiastically made lovely colourful bracelets & phone charms, such creative ladies.

Kingston Open studios Art trail - 2020/ 2023   
I have a studio in my garden right next to Richmond park
(KT2 7TS) where I design and make jewellery but also run jewellery making workshops and parties. I participated in the yearly open studio art trail. Please contact me for a studio visit if you would like to see my jewellery, jewellery making kits or would like to discuss workshop options.

Battersea Open studios - 2014

During the time I had a studio in Battersea I participated in various open studios

Sydenham Artists Trail 2013

The trail is on each year where more than 150 artists invite you to view an incredible array of art and craft work

For more information click here:

What I was exhibiting (recycled jewellery)

In partnership with Secret Cinema - Jewellery making workshop

In partnership with Secret Cinema I ran a drop - in jewellery making workshop in - line with the ‘Dirty Dancing’ theme of the event. It was a great success; girls were practically fighting for a chair!

“Over 12.5000 ‘Dirty Dancing fans dressed up in their fines 1960’s American holiday garb to show their love for the iconic eighties film at an outdoor interactive film event”

EV-MalibuXMeanGirls-HamYardHotel-1055-KK square.jpg
EV-MalibuXMeanGirls-SohoHotel-0222-KK square.jpg
IMG_2221 (1).jpg
EV-MalibuXMeanGirls-HamYardHotel-1171-KK square.jpg
EV-MalibuXMeanGirls-SohoHotel-0721-KK - square.jpg
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