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Jewellery workshop (2018+ 2019)

Independent school for girls- Hammersmith

I contacted Wendy to organise a jewellery-making workshop for a group of students at the school I work in as part of a week-long event we were holding. From start to finish Wendy was extremely helpful and professional, responding promptly to my emails and answering the many questions I threw at her regarding the logistics of the day and content of the session. She was able to tailor the workshop to our needs, which involved 25 students aged 12-18, and Wendy's large and varied collection of beads, charms and other materials was very impressive! Wendy and her assistant expertly guided our students so that they created bracelets, rings and earrings to be truly proud of. It was a really enjoyable and rewarding workshop for all involved and I would highly recommend Wendy's Jewellery Parties to everyone. We hope to have her back in the future!



Independent school for girls in Hammersmith

Brownies end of year Party (2014)


I wanted something special for my Brownies' last meeting for the summer and thought Wendy's Jewellery Party was just the perfect way to end a very eventful year so far. My Brownies - 14 in all -  had a wonderful time  at  'Wendy's Jewellery Party'.  Wendy came 15 minutes earlier (and stayed longer than she should have to help with the girls!)  to set up the tables and equipment and for the next 2 hours the girls had a wonderful experience. They were so interested and  engrossed in what they were doing - you could see it on their faces. They loved designing, choosing the beads  and then making their own jewellery very much. 
The equipment provided  was very child friendly and  there was an huge amount of different types, colours and  sized beads possible. There was no shortage of materials or equipment all round. The girls had their own designs in mind and with the help and guidance  from Wendy they were each able to produce their own lovely bracelets. Wendy's instructions were clear and precise and the girls knew exactly what they were to do.
The certificates were a wonderful touch and made the girls feel as if they had created something very special indeed. The little bags in which the girls put their bracelets in was just the perfect and lovely finishing touch to a very enjoyable evening.

I would most definitely book another  of Wendy's Jewellery Parties in the future and would encourage others to do so.


Julie, Brockley


Jewellery making workshop at Secret Cinema- Dirty Dancing

In partnership with Secret Cinema I ran a drop-in jewellery making workshop in - line with the ‘Dirty Dancing’ theme of the event. It was a great success; girls were practically fighting for a chair!


“Over 12.5000 ‘Dirty Dancing fans dressed up in their fines 1960’s American holiday  garb to show their love for the iconic eighties filmat an outdoor interactive film event”

Watch a video of the event here:

Jewellery party (2017)

A fantastic experience from start to finish! Wendy was very easy to deal with and flexible as to what my 12 yr old daughter was hoping for from the party. The part itself was a great success, the jewellery materials were of very high quality, Wendy was lovely and bonded with the girls naturally and easily, they all had a great time and it couldn't have been easier for the parents! Highly recommended.

Stephen Green

Work event- Jewellery workshop (2019)


We had Wendy come to give us a jewellery workshop as a team bonding activity at work, and it was wonderful! Wendy was so warm and friendly, and of course very professional and experienced. She found the perfect balance of being there for us when we needed, but also stepping back to let us get on with it all independently. We were all really chuffed with our creations!


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