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With this party package you can host your own jewellery making party at home or on Zoom. It contains everything you need for 8 people: from invites to beads to jewellery bags. Also available in 8 separate kits.

The "Summery Stretchy Bracelet"s or anklets are not just for children (7+) they are also very cute for adults to wear, and definitely fun and therapeutic to make. Perhaps it could also be a nice family activity idea?


The complete large Jewellery making party kit which makes about 50 to 60 pieces of jewellery costs £140, including postage (by registered post) or you can collect from my workshop in Kingston.

Each Jewellery making Party Kit includes:

  • Jewellery making party invites (8)

  • 40 Small pretty little seed bead pots (good quality not plastic!).

  • Each person can make at least 6 to 8 'Summery Stretchy Bracelets' (or anklets), so hours of creative fun!

  • Elastic thread

  • Colourful tassels (16), pom-poms (8) and silver coloured charms (40)

  • Pretty organza bags (8) to put hand made pieces of jewellery in

  • Pictures of samples and instructions

  • Edible necklaces (8)

  • Handmade silver plated & beaded necklace (birthday present)

You can also order the kits and make it into a Zoom party or workshop, for more information have a look here: Online Zoom party or workshop 

Bespoke Kits & Zoom parties can be tailor-made taking age group, theme and interests into consideration.

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Jewellery making Party Kit for 8 

Jewellery Making Kit
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