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You can order a jewellery making kit to make the 'Funky Rings' yourself at home or you can order more and host your own jewellery making party/ workshop.

The Funky Rings also make lovely handmade presents (made by you!) and definitely fun and therapeutic to make. Some experience of beading is an advantage but not needed.

When making the rings it is easier to tuck the ends of the wire in with a pair of flat nose pliers but it is not essential. The jewellery making kits cost £19 without the flat nose pliers and £26 with the flat nose pliers.. Postage is fee or or you can choose & collect from my workshop in Kingston. 

Each jewellery making kit includes:

  • Jewellery party invite (if requested)

  •  A mixture of different pretty glass quality beads (not plastic!). There are many colours and shades to choose from, you can choose what type of beads.(pearls, faceted, shiny,..)

  • Enough wire and beads to make 3 Funky Rings, so hours of creative fun!!

  • Pretty organza bag to put your hand made pieces of jewellery in

  • Pictures of samples and instructions

  • Edible necklace (packed in plastic)

  • Beaded silver plated necklace for the birthday lady. (when ordering 8 or more kits)

You can also order the kits and have a Zoom jewellery making party or workshop, for more information have a look here: Online Zoom party or workshop

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