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2 hour jewellery making, games and dancing party for children aged 3-7

£250 (8 children included).

£15 per extra child/ £80 for an extra jewellery leader (bigger groups)

It is highly recommended to book an extra person when organising a party for the little ones (3 and 4 year olds).

The perfect party package for the younger girls and boys., bigger groups and of course those who like a combination of creative and active activities.


Included in your party:


  • Qualified jewellery leader with more than 10 years experience

  • Full insurance

  • Party invitations (by post)

  • All materials and use of specialist tools (design board)

  • A choice of making a colourful bracelet each (big beads), decorated with big beads, ribbons and charms or a quirky keyring. 5 to 7 year olds can make 1 of each (longer concentration span)

  • Party games like 'duck duck goose' and 'What's the time Mr. Wolf'

  • Pass the parcel- sweets and gift

  • Dancing games (musical statues, bumps, dance routine etc,)

  • Animal balloons

  • Temporary silver and gold tattoos

  • Colourful organza bag (with sweets)to put your jewellery in

  • Handmade gift (silver plated/ bead necklace) for the birthday child


Techniques they will learn:


  • Design. Learn how to design and make a piece of jewellery (colour, composition and size of beads)

  • Stringing of beads and attaching of some charms and ribbons

  • Cutting of ribbons (with help of the jewellery party leader)

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