Looking for an alternative and safe way to have a birthday party, a special celebration or just to learn something new and fun over the summer?


The last few months I have been teaching online jewellery making workshops (on Zoom) at one of the colleges I teach at. I was sceptical at first but it actually works really well and the students (children and adults) loved it! Everyone will make their bracelets in their own homes, so it means hardly any mess in your house and no need to hire a venue.


In these surreal times (Corona) you/ your child can still have a birthday experience to remember!

  • For children and or adults

  • 1hr 15/ 1.30 hr on Zoom with me (free to download)

  • Minimum age of 7 (children might need a little help with the knotting)

  • Minimum of 4 participants maximum of 8

  • £20 per person for the jewellery kit and zoom party/ workshop (plus postage) Siblings/ parents can join in for free as there is enough beads in the kits.

  • All the kits will be posted to the host unless otherwise requested

  • For a children’s party I recommend a short 10 min break halfway the party. It gives them time to have a drink & a chat and we can all sing Happy Birthday!

  • For a children's party, why not include a ‘copy the dance move’ game in the last 10 minutes of the party- yes it’s fun!


The kits include:

  • Jewellery making party invites

  • 5 small pots of pretty glass seed beads (not plastic!) per person/kit. There are various colours and shades to choose from.

  • Elastic thread

  • Colourful tassels, charms and pom-poms

  • Party bags to put the hand made pieces in

  • Edible necklaces (packed in plastic)

  • Hand made beaded necklace for the birthday girl/boy (for a zoom party with 5 or more participants)


Look here for Jewellery making kits (colour combinations)